Through the eyes of women: See GAZA Through The Eyes Of Women

Through the eyes of a women See GAZA Through The Eyes Of Women

Rob Saemerow write in his comment : 

I received a gift from Palestine today. My friend Yassmin Ben has published her book “Through the eyes of a women”. Yasmin works for SOS Gaza Children organization and is also continuing her education She is an amazing person and her book is a very well written and informative. A bit if insight into the struggles of women because of the occupation. Especially when the struggle hits home and communities. A man without a job, a home, a family, the stress and struggle through the eyes of its women. If you wish to buy it the link is here:…/dualbookshelf.marketpla…/B07H4ZV5RB

My friends: For those that do not understand the situation. Palestinians can not leave. They are trapped. With 2% clean drinking water, 4 hrs a day electricity and Israel constantly stealing their land. Destroying their homes, farms, schools and cultural buildings we are witnessing something out of a Ww2 history book. A genocide. Please take a stand, educate yourself and if it all possible contribute in any way possible to help. With America’s latest cuts to Palestine it is unacceptable. Most of the population is unemployed and can not work due to Israel’s checkpoints and constant terrorizing of its people and the murdering of its children.

If anyone is wondering why I am so passionate about Palestine. Well. It’s the human thing to do but here in Canada we were taught about the holocaust and to be sympathetic to Jews. Fuck that. School taught me the words “Never Again”. Never again is what isn’t happening and the UN and neighbouring countries do nothing. Partially because of the USA letting Israel get away with Genocide. That’s all for now.

Through the eyes of a women See GAZA Through The Eyes Of Women