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The SOS.Gaza.Children Project works to prevent family breakdown and care for children who have lost parental care, or who risk losing it.

We are non-governmental and non-denominational. We respect all religions and cultures and work with trusted partners in places where we can contribute to social development.

All the work we do is made possible through the generous support of sponsors and donors, institutional and corporate partners, and friends worldwide. Your help is needed too.

One person can make a difference. Working together we make lasting changes.

Latest News

Gaza Insider

Israeli Forces Must Stop Using Excessive Force Against Protesters

Israeli authorities must put an immediate end to the use of excessive and lethal force to quell Palestinian protests in Gaza, Amnesty International said as new protests began Friday (April 13th). After the death of 26 Palestinians, including…
Gaza Insider

2 Million Palestinians Die Slowly In The Gaza Strip

Gaza is wracked by the siege and aggression. They are confined to death, their patients lying in hospitals without medication waiting for a long time, living in houses without electricity, no food or food, and even a drink of clean water and…
Gaza shooting

In Gaza, The Strategy Of The Israeli Army Implicated By The Large Number Of Wounded By Bullets

In Gaza, the strategy of the Israeli army implicated by the large number of wounded by bullets Since the beginning of the “return march”, nearly 1,500 civilians have been wounded while demonstrating unarmed and on the Palestinian side…
Gaza Insider

Likud Attacks Natalie Portman Who Criticized Netanyahu

Hollywood star says she is not boycotting Israel, but she will not accept the “Jewish Nobel” to not be seen as endorsing the prime minister Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party on Saturday called the actress Natalie Portman…
Chemical weapons in Gaza

An Unknown Chemical Weapon Against The People Of Gaza

Medical services in the Gaza Strip had reported the arrival of more than 520 wounded on Friday at 17:00 local time (14:00 GMT), whether by live ammunition shots from the Israeli army or shots of gas, including a substance of green color, unknown…
Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn calls for reconsideration of Arms Sales to Israel

The leader of the British Labour Party has called on the British government to stop selling arms to Israel after the massacre of 31 unarmed Palestinians in Gaza. For months, he has been the target of an ignominious campaign on the part of the…
Palestinian Children in Jail

350 Palestinian Children in Israeli Jails

Palestinian Children’s Day, the palestinian prisoners ‘affairs and the prisoners’ club said; 350 Palestinian children are currently in Israeli jails, including eight underage girls. Since the beginning of the year, the occupation has…

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I was touched when mahmoud qudiah connected with me and we had an engaging discussion. I firmly believe in the work of this charity and donated immediately. With hope for... read more

Adam Green Avatar
Adam Green

A great charity that works hard to provide local impoverished and traumatised children with the basic necessities of life, currently warm clothing, and hopefully a better area to play in.... read more

Cathy Smith Avatar
Cathy Smith

Fantastic charity. Well organised. Impressed with activities. Get to the heart of the people, by the peopl. Please donate.

Yazmin Shah Avatar
Yazmin Shah

Hello, I want to work in your company on a voluntary basis, can you offer me anything?
a little about me:https://about.me/ruthmcfarlane/

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help Ahmed To get an artificial hand Donate $50

Sylviajen Avatar

Fantastic charity, please give what you can to help feed Gaza's children

Debbie Bates Avatar
Debbie Bates