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The SOS.Gaza.Children Project works to prevent family breakdown and care for children who have lost parental care, or who risk losing it.

We are non-governmental and non-denominational. We respect all religions and cultures and work with trusted partners in places where we can contribute to social development.

All the work we do is made possible through the generous support of sponsors and donors, institutional and corporate partners, and friends worldwide. Your help is needed too.

One person can make a difference. Working together we make lasting changes.

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deaf father a sick sisters and no house story from gaza

deaf father a sick sisters and no house story from gaza

deaf father a sick sisters and no house story from gaza My name is Rania From abou Rami family from Gaza , we are suffering from hard conditions here , we are 6 sisters, Both  My father & my  sister are deafs, another sister is suffering…
Donation from Cornwall

Cornwall & Isles of Scilly NUT Donation

On 17th March 2018 the committee of the Cornwall & Isles of Scilly National Union of Teachers met to watch a video made for us by SOS Gaza Children, a charity based in the Gaza strip in Palestine. The committee had earlier decided to make…
Gaza under bombardment Israel pounds Gaza, killing a pregnant woman and her child

Gaza under bombardment Israel pounds Gaza, killing a pregnant woman and her child

Gaza under bombardment Israel pounds Gaza, killing a pregnant woman and her child At least three Palestinians, including a pregnant woman and her 18-month-old child, were killed by Israeli air attacks and artillery shelling on the besieged Gaza…
The tragic situation in Gaza

The tragic situation in Gaza

Nearly two million people are stranded in Gaza, with very limited access to the most essential services. Deprived of the right to move, millions of Palestinians find themselves separated from their families and have no prospects. Although…

Food packages delivered thanks to your donations

Yesterday, our team visited a poor family in Gaza who did not expect us to find them in this situation. Their refrigerator is empty of any food. It was sad to see them. We gave them the help that allowed us to visit them later. These families…
Gaza Insider

Now a sniper has killed a Palestinian Nurse

An Israeli sniper killed a 21-year-old Palestinian nurse on 1 June. Now, it seems even clearer why Israel’s military deleted a tweet earlier this year. The army wrote that it “know where every bullet landed”, while tackling protestors.…

Motion Of Censorship In Spain: The Government Of Mariano Rajoy Threatened

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Spain is preparing to live for two days an intense debate that can sign the end of the People’s Party (PP) of the conservative Mariano Rajoy, who leads the minority in the country.…
Gaza Insider

Dozens Of Palestinian Protesters Killed On The Border With Israel

Twenty-five Palestinians were killed on Monday morning, 14 May, by Israeli gunfire during clashes between Gazan protesters and Israeli soldiers, according to Gaza’s health ministry. And more than 500 Palestinians were injured Monday in these…

Our Ramadan Baskets delivered thanks to your donations

On the occasion of Ramadan, our team distributed Ramadan baskets to some poor and needy families in the Gaza Strip. As usual, with the support of our fellow donors, we extend our thanks and appreciation to all who helped and contributed to the…

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I was touched when mahmoud qudiah connected with me and we had an engaging discussion. I firmly believe in the work of this charity and donated immediately. With hope for... read more

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Adam Green

Hello, I want to work in your company on a voluntary basis, can you offer me anything?
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help Ahmed To get an artificial hand Donate $50

Sylviajen Avatar

Fantastic charity. Well organised. Impressed with activities. Get to the heart of the people, by the peopl. Please donate.

Yazmin Shah Avatar
Yazmin Shah

A great charity that works hard to provide local impoverished and traumatised children with the basic necessities of life, currently warm clothing, and hopefully a better area to play in.... read more

Cathy Smith Avatar
Cathy Smith

Fantastic charity, please give what you can to help feed Gaza's children

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Debbie Bates