Spain is preparing to live for two days an intense debate that can sign the end of the People’s Party (PP) of the conservative Mariano Rajoy, who leads the minority in the country. On May 31, the socialist leader Pedro Sanchez will officially file a motion of censure against his government, whose outcome will be known the next day.

With our correspondent in Madrid, François Musseau

The hour is serious for Mariano Rajoy. In power since 2011, the head of the Spanish government may well have to pack his bags on a motion of no confidence announced following a corruption case that affects his training, the right-wing People’s Party (PP). In a landmark verdict, the national court of the Audiencia Nacional sentenced 27 ex-PP leaders a week ago to corruption in the scandal known in Spain as “Gürtel”.

In 2016, the Podemos party had already tried a motion of censure against the Spanish government, also for corruption reasons. This time, the situation is very serious: justice has described the PP as an “institutionalized corruption system”. She also questioned the credibility of the Spanish premier when he tried to cover his training, including his former treasurer, Francisco Correa, sentenced to 31 years in prison.

Political alliances?

For all these reasons, on the political spectrum, many parliamentary forces want to support the vote of no confidence: the Podemos party, the Basque and Catalan nationalists but also the liberals of the Ciudadanos movement.

From an arithmetic point of view, this attempt by the Socialist Pedro Sanchez, whose party will formally file the motion of censure on May 31, may succeed. Except that the parties that could support him do not get along. To begin with Ciudadanos, very Spanish, who does not intend to get closer to the Catalan separatists, their great political enemy.

If obstacles exist for this motion of censure, Mariano Rajoy can not help but fear that his last hours at the head of the Spanish government have arrived.

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