deaf father a sick sisters and no house story from gaza

deaf father a sick sisters and no house story from gaza

My name is Rania From abou Rami family from Gaza

, we are suffering from hard conditions here , we are 6 sisters, Both  My father & my  sister are deafs, another sister is suffering from a skin illness and a joints break

We are dying  thousands time in a day from this hardship, We all ‘ 6 sisters ) live in one room , when one of us wants to go to the bathroom another should cover her so no one see her

 Rats & cockroachs living and sleeping with us like they are members of the family , we are just …Bodies without souls , we are living deads

I ask  and beg for the good people to help us, to just build a house for us were we can live … because this is not human and not fair at all , we just want to live like others , we only need a house


and this building doesn’t protect us neither from the cold in winter nor from the heat in summer , I put my faith in God first then in you to help us.

day after day this misery increases..


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