Chemical weapons in Gaza

Medical services in the Gaza Strip had reported the arrival of more than 520 wounded on Friday at 17:00 local time (14:00 GMT), whether by live ammunition shots from the Israeli army or shots of gas, including a substance of green color, unknown to date, and apparently very toxic.

The Director of Shifa Hospital, Dr. Abbas Mehdat, with whom we correspond directly, adds that the positioning, with precise GPS coordinates, of different emergency clinics set back from the disarmed demonstration of tens of thousands of civilians had been reported well in advance to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) for repercussion on the occupation army.

Chemical weapons in Gaza

Well, the soldiery was “just right”: the health posts in the open countryside, well back from the event, have been copiously sprinkled with gas at the end of the morning.

Chemical attacks in Gaza

At 16:00 local time, the Ministry of Health happily recorded no deaths for the day, but a total of 363 wounded, 256 of whom were taken care of at the health posts and 107 in the hospitals where all the planned interventions had been postponed so that it can cope with the most urgent situations.

Chemical attacks Gaza

Of the 107 hospitalized patients, of whom more than 20 were children, 59 had been wounded by live ammunition, another 5 by live bullets covered with rubber, 24 by gas poisoning, 7 by ammunition shards, and 12 by other causes. The condition of 8 of these wounded was described as “serious” and that of 58 others of “moderate”.

The care teams count in their ranks 1 wounded by bullet and 13 by gas poisoning.

The surgeon Christophe Oberlin, arrived Sunday in the Gaza Strip in a French team of 5 caregivers, told us a little earlier in the day that these professionals had been able to treat twenty wounded previous demonstrations since the beginning of their mission.

“We have mainly treated patients who have been hit by bullets, and you should know that an operation like this can easily take 4 hours, which is why even before the demonstration that will begin earlier, we already have a lot of waiting patients, “he said.

Several of the photos illustrating this article were sent to us by French doctors on site, while the others come from news agencies.

Gaza chemical attacks

Chem attacks Gaza

Chem attacks Gaza

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