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Gaza is wracked by the siege and aggression. They are confined to death, their patients lying in hospitals without medication waiting for a long time, living in houses without electricity, no food or food, and even a drink of clean water and breadcrumbs has become a rare coin. Kill the sword.

In short, the story of the siege, did not exclude the children and adults, living by one and a half million people in the Gaza Strip and twenty, but the tragedies and repercussions of this scale began to indicate a humanitarian disaster has not witnessed the history of modern humanity.

The Gaza Strip experienced its bloodiest day on Friday for years 17 Palestinians were killed and thousands were injured, the majority by live ammunition, during a demonstration involving 30,000 people along the A border zone with Israel.

This day of the “great march back” was undoubtedly the mark of a strategic turning point. The claim itself was not surprising: it was about claiming the Palestinians’ right to return to the lands they lost in 1948, when Israel was created. In Gaza, out of nearly 2 million people, there are 1.3 million refugees.

But this popular movement, which has taken off on social networks, has appealed to all segments of the Gazan population and is designed to last several weeks. Another notable fact is that Hamas’ presence was unobtrusive, at least apparently, last Friday, when Palestinian flags were mostly out. For the historian Vincent Lemire, finally, the date was also well calculated:

“The demonstration was launched on Pesach, the Passover, there was no policy on the Israeli side to react, the military were the only ones present on the ground: result, they defended the border without thinking of the political consequences “analyzes the author of” Jerusalem: history of a world city “at Flammarion.

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